The following terms and conditions constitute a legal Agreement between your organization and (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC). You must Completely agree to these terms and conditions before using the (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) Certification Program logo.

To further the common purposes of its Members and to promote ethical principles and practices in the moving and storage industry, (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) uses THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo to symbolize that its members are required to observe high professional standards and to provide quality service.

To maintain the integrity of the program, it is necessary that we take measures to protect our logo and to stipulate how it may be used. Unfortunately, when an image like THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo becomes so widely know that it comes to symbolize not just (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) members but also the entire moving industry, it becomes part of the public domain and it loses it protected status. Therefore, it is necessary for us to limit its use to only qualified (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) members who may only use it in certain ways – and we must take enforcement action against those who use our logo without our permission. Otherwise, anyone could use our logo without restriction, including in ways that may be detrimental to (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) and its members. (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) owns the rights to THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo. In order for (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) to protect the integrity and impact of the program, we need to maintain control over how the Certified Mover Program logo may be used.

As part of this agreement, MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) provide THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo for use by its qualified members who are in good standing on letterhead, printed promotional material, including “yellow pages” advertising, and Internet websites; the logo may also be used on uniforms, hats, clothing and other articles customarily used by the industry when purchased from an MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) approved distributor in the promotion of the program.

Participants may also apply to MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) for written permission to license additional products. CONDITIONS: THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo is to be used “as it appears” and is not to be altered without written permission from MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC).

The Participant may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright notice, digital watermarks, or proprietary legend contained in/on the logo. When used on any Internet website, the Participant must enable a hyper-link function so as to link THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo to the MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) website and the Participant must disable the ability to copy (by right-clicking) the logo to reduce opportunities for unauthorized use of the logo.

In the event that MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) requests the removal of THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo, you hereby agree to remove the logo from your Internet website within 48 hours of being notified and from all other promotional items/articles, advertising and printed material at the earliest possible date thereafter but under no circumstances later than thirty (30) days following MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC’s request. The Participant is not permitted to sell, sub license, assign, transfer or otherwise distribute the logo, unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by the MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC).


The neutral arbitration program has been designed to give neither party any special advantage. If a dispute arises between the carrier and the shipper arbitration may be a mutually beneficial alternative to help resolve the dispute. Section 49 CFR Section 375.211 provides that a mover must have a program in place to provide shippers with an Arbitration alternative. Arbitration is optional and not required under Federal law.

SUMMARY OF THE ARBITRATION PROCESS: Arbitration is an alternative to courtroom litigation. It provides each party to the dispute to present their cases and allows a neutral third party arbitrator to make decision as to the merits of each side’s case. Arbitration subject to this agreement shall be conducted via written submission and, subject to the arbitrator’s discretion, through telephonic appearance. After the initial filing fees have been paid and the arbitrator selected, the initiating party or “Claimant” must submit a written brief summarizing their legal position and factual claims. All supporting documentation must be included with the initial arbitration brief. Copies of all documents must be submitted to all parties involved in the arbitration. Upon receipt of the Claimant’s arbitration brief and supporting documents, the responding party or “Respondent” will have 30 days to file their responsive arbitration brief and supporting documentation. Further deadlines and timetables are subject to the arbitrator’s discretion.

LEGAL EFFECTS: If the arbitration alternative is chosen, then any decision made by the arbitrator may be binding. Additionally, an arbitration decision may not be appealed in a court of law. All parties agree that the Arbitrators decision will be based exclusively on the governing United States Federal Law without regard to conflicting State laws or regulations.

APPLICABLE COSTS: Each party is responsible for their own costs associated with arbitration. A benefit to the arbitration alternative may be that it is less expensive than traditional litigation. Each party is responsible for 50% of the costs associated with securing the arbitrator and 100% of their own expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees.

THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM status is a commitment to excellence. Central to THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM is a comprehensive program of pre-screening, annual reviews and a strict revocation process for those who fail to maintain the program’s high standards. Program participants agree that they will observe the following criteria and that failing to do so is cause for their

CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM to be suspended or revoked and for them to be removed from the program: Full compliance with state incorporation laws. Signing an agreement pledging compliance with applicable state and federal laws and MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC’s Code of Ethics & Practice. No improper advertising on the company’s Web site or other marketing materials.


Carriers are required to demonstrate the following best practices when dealing with consumers in order to maintain their membership with MOVINGAID.NET (NATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC) and their continued use of THE CERTIFIED MOVER PROGRAM logo:

  • To provide consistent top quality professional moving and storage services to each consumer shipper on every move.
  • To commit to providing the highest level of customer service to each consumer shipper on every move.
  • To provide honest and accurate estimates, in writing, and charges for services for each consumer shipper on every move.
  • To provide honest and accurate pick-up and delivery windows and time-frames, in writing, to each consumer shipper for every move.
  • To communicate with consumer shippers throughout the move process and provide honest and accurate information.
  • To promote integrity, honesty, fairness, and professionalism for the industry in actions and services.
  • To provide continuing training, education, and performance reviews of employees, drivers, sales persons, and staff to ensure the
    highest levels of services offered.
  • To commit to understanding and following all governing federal and state regulations in all aspects of business practices.
  • To comply with the highest level of vehicle maintenance, safety standards, and driver qualifications, to protect the safety, prevent injury
    and accidents on the highways.
  • To promote the elimination of fraud, con-compliance, misrepresentation and unethical practices within the industry.




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