We deeply regret any damage and inconvenience you may have experienced during your move. To provide clarity, we have outlined below what you can expect at each stage of the claims process.



To begin the claims or complaints process, visit MovingClaims.net and click on the picture icon labeled "REGISTER YOUR CLAIM OR COMPLAINT." Fill out the required information in the online form. Once we receive your case registration, it will be recorded in our system's database, and a file will be generated. You can expect to receive a Claim Acknowledgement Notice via email within 24-72 hours of the following business day.

Please note that this initial stage is a preliminary step in processing your case, and we only require a general outline of your claims or complaints. Upon receiving your claim registration, it will be promptly entered into our system, ensuring the creation of a file for further action.


After your registration is validated, our team will reach out to you to gather additional details about your case. The next communication you will receive from us is the Claim Procedures Package, also referred to as the "CPP." This comprehensive online package equips you with all the essential tools required to substantiate your case against the moving company involved. In order to proceed, you will be asked to submit copies of your moving documents, clear photographs of any damaged items (if applicable), the standard proof of loss and damage claims form, and other necessary supporting documentation.


Once we receive your completed CPP, a dedicated Claim Specialist will initiate the process of validating your claims or complaints and working towards a resolution. The Claim Specialist will thoroughly review all the submitted information and reach out to all relevant parties involved. If your submitted Claim Procedures Package does not meet the requirements or is missing any supportive documentation, we will promptly notify you via email, detailing the specific documents still needed.

Please note that until we have received all the necessary case information, your file will remain pending in our system and cannot be processed. Once all the requirements have been fulfilled, we will offer you a final opportunity to provide any additional information if desired or request the conclusion of our investigation. Subsequently, we will proceed with offering a settlement in accordance with the findings of our investigation.


In order to proceed towards resolution, we want to ensure that you have had every opportunity to submit ALL YOUR DAMAGES & CONCERNS regarding your movers. If you are satisfied with the information you have already provided and do not wish to add any additional damages or concerns against your moving company, we kindly request that you submit a written declaration to confirm this.

You will need to state in writing through our online form that you are satisfied with all the information submitted to date and that you do not intend to provide any further damages or concerns against your moving company. This declaration will be made online for your convenience.

However, if you do wish to include additional damages or concerns to your existing case, please carefully follow the guidelines provided in the CPP. It is of utmost importance to us that we conduct a fair and thorough investigation to reach a just and accurate resolution for all our customers.


Once all your case information has been processed and validated, your movers will assess the settlement amount you are entitled to based on the coverage you have selected. Subsequently, a "SETTLEMENT OF CLAIM & GLOBAL RELEASE OF LIABILITY LETTER" will be sent to you via email. This letter will outline the settlement amount and the conditions associated with accepting the settlement. At this stage, you will only need to sign and notarize the settlement letter before returning it to us.

Upon receiving the signed settlement letter, we will update your file accordingly and forward it to your moving provider. They will then proceed with releasing the final payment to you.

Please bear in mind that as a third-party claims processing company, we do not issue the settlement check directly. Your contractual agreement is with the moving provider, who will be responsible for issuing the check to you.


We aim to provide you with the best possible process in case you decide to file a dispute. The Dispute process offers a one-time opportunity to submit any missing information that can strengthen your case. If you are unsatisfied with the settlement offer presented by your carrier, you are required to send an email with your dispute request, clearly stating the reason for disputing and including any supporting documents.

Please note that your claim has already undergone a review, and a settlement letter was issued based on the information you provided. It is important to carefully read your settlement letter as it will provide insights into the reasons for the determination and highlight any missing information. All disputes are thoroughly reviewed by a Senior Claim Specialist. Kindly note that a third review of a claim is not permitted.


As with any industry, disputes can arise between a customer and a company. The moving industry is no different. Disputes between a moving company and a consumer shipper can arise for many reasons. The most common disputes a consumer shipper can have with a moving company will involve issues of overcharges for services, failure to deliver on time, or damages and missing items.

In the interstate moving industry, the FMCSA requires that each moving company have in place a neutral arbitration program to help resolve disputes. Neutral arbitration can serve as a cost effective and quick alternative to traditional litigation. Additionally, neutral arbitration is more informal than court litigation and a consumer shipper may be able to navigate the arbitration process without hiring an attorney.

To initiate the arbitration process, you simply must inform your moving company of your intent to arbitrate. It is advised that a demand for arbitration be sent via certified mail to the moving company. Once the moving company has received the written demand for arbitration, they are required to send the proper forms and information from the neutral arbitration service they use.


Moving Claims is not an insurance company and the employees of Moving Claims are not acting as your insurance adjusters. Moving Claims does not practice Insurance laws and does not give legal advice. This site is not intended to create an insurance claim, and by using the Moving Claims websites, no insurance claim will be created with Moving Claims. Instead, you are filing a Household Goods claim with the carrier who moved you via Moving Claims Websites. Moving Claims websites information as well as any advises of its employees is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. The information contained on this website is designed for informational purposes only. Nothing on this website is designed or intended to constitute legal advice. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing the moving industry change frequently and may be interpreted differently by different people. If you need specific legal advice you should consult a lawyer directly or a representative from the US DOT.